29. April 2008

Hosting ip changed

Some users were sending me e-mails that they are unable to access si.Mail homepage since I moved it to simail.si domain, along with that I also changed hosting provider. Hosting was located on IP address ending with .0. Together we figured out that their routers have broken TCP/IP stack so if you are one of those unfortunates now you’ll be able to access site as IP changed, but I still suggest that you start bugging your router company to fix the issue, because as IP address space is becoming scarce more providers will start using addresses ending with .0.

For those who would like to know more about that can read IPV4 article on Wikipedia (Addresses ending in 0 or 255 part of article, you can also paste this to message when you’ll be bugging your router company)

20. April 2008

New development version (2008-04-20)

All forms that use upgraded GUI components are finally rechecked and I believe that build should be stable enough. This upgrade brought approx. 600 kiB siMail.exe file shrink and should also remove startup crash on some computers. In this build I also moved the last batch of form creation from the startup to the step they are actually needed this should made small improvements in startup time and memory consumption. I squeezed small improvement into the build and I’m really wondering if someone will find out what it is :).

What needs to be checked as result of component upgrade (1st one to report bugs should open a topic in bug section of the forum), for Items with exceptions could occur comment, please use Send bug functionality built in si.Mail:

  • all forms – components not in menus and/or toolbars must use windows theming
  • tabs in message/rss view behave a bit differently, some background code is changed (exceptions could occur)
  • embedded import/export message/address book plug-ins are now Unicode aware (exceptions could occur)
  • compose window e-mail input text box is Unicode aware (exceptions could occur)
  • Forms (windows) which were moved (Address Book, Message Receivers, Server preview, Folder Properties) (exceptions could occur)

06. April 2008

Status update March 2008

Today I finally managed to upgrade components that make most of si.Mail interface to their latest version. As components are not backward compatible this took longer than expected. Even through si.Mail starts up with this components some parts are not yet working. It will probably took me at least a week to sort this out.

Good things to this upgrade are that si.Mail executable file (siMail.exe) is about 700KiB lighter :). As a result to upgrade also startup crash is now gone.

Another thing new components will brought is, that now you’ll be able to create external theme for skinning menus and toolbars.

Site changes:
– updated to latest WordPress
– enabled comment posting for guest users