10. January 2010

Error notification bar final look

Made some modifications to the way notification bar looks like: 32px of height was a bit too much, lowered it to 24px, make the bar more reddish and  changed the gradient, because glass look didn’t suit it. This is now the final look:


09. January 2010

Easier navigation between messages in the same thread

I’m probably not the only one that is subscribed to a lot of mailing lists or has a really long conversations which span trough some 10s of messages. To ease the navigation between messages in the same thread I decided to move part of the thread closer to the message I’m currently reading. Starting with today’s builds there is a Message threads pane displayed at the bottom of message view pane.


This is how it works: After the message is loaded the following messages from the same thread are shown:

  1. parent message
  2. message being read message (will be colored differently)
  3. messages on the same level as message being read
  4. messages one level lower (deeper into the conversation) as message being read

Update 10.01.2010: The implementation in today’s development version actually works, but it’s still a bit rough around the edges.


07. January 2010

New notification style on send/receive message error

As some users pointed out the big red X on the account is not visible enough when there is an error on send/receive e-mail messages. But this really becomes an issue, when you spend most of your time working in Favorite mail view as now you have to explicitly switch to Classic view.

Well in a few days this will be in the past. As I’ve decided to add notifications at the top when such an error happens.


There will be at most one bar per account displayed. And the text will change depending on when the error happened (send, receive, send and receive). Right now I don’t think that I should limit the number of displayed bars as most users have a small number of accounts.

If anyone would like to play with the colors e.g make it reddish,  please let me know and I’ll give out the current ones.

Update 08.01.2010: This is now implemented in latest 1.2.x development builds.