12. March 2008

Crashes in version

It seems that by fixing new messages check countdown bug I introduced another one, which results in recoverable crash. si.Mail crashes at the last step of creating a new account, when it tires to reset countdown for new messages on not yet completely created account. Restarting si.Mail should help.

I’m also getting bug reports of crash that can be repeated on some occasions way back to the si.Mail 0.7.x. I’m getting them mostly from people who are using their displays in portrait mode, or they accidentally minimized main application window to smallest size (640×480), that at startup si.Mail uses 100% of one CPU core and then it just shuts down. I did manage to recreate this issue and it is in process of fixing. There are three things you can do. Wait for next development version with updated GUI controls, which are to blame for the stack overflow, try to downgrade to, or try to manually edit .\Profiles\config.xml . Utf-8 capable editor must be used to edit this file, please find frmMain section, it should look something like this:


and set value in width and height parts to your maximum screen resolution.