25. December 2008

si.Mail released

Just a bugfix and small improvements release while I’m working on implementing improved auto configuration I was talking about in September. Upgrade is recommended for all especially for those of you using development builds from the beginning of 2008 e.g 1.2.x builds.

– IMPR: Message preview/view window now shows CC headers if they are present.
– IMPR: Right click menu in edit window should display Cut,Copy, Paste items.
– FIX: carret not shown when editing e-mail address.
– FIX: When editor in plain text mode, you could paste formated text into it.
– FIX: On Vista all open file dialogs were shown as Save dialogs.
– FIX: Fixed crash when refreshing View indexes, and message was supposed to be removed from index.

22. August 2008

si.Mail released – Urgent update!

About two weeks ago I accidentally stepped over a bug which is present in all si.Mail versions from the beginning. Yes I managed to repeat the bug with 0.7 series rewrite :(.  Although bug is not an security issue I urge all to upgrade to version.

Without going into technical details, if you ever got “Message IDs (from index file = xx and from message file = xy) does not match” then you probably encountered the bug I’m talking about. There are only two cases for this to happen: not enough disk space when downloading new messages, (this was my case) and  unexpected application shutdown e.g power failure, BSOD….  If you are getting message above please Pack messages file (Right click to one mailbox and select Pack from the menu), Modified Pack procedure should be smart enough to found and “restore” those messages. Other improvements and fixes in this release are below.

– IMPR: Added ruler so you can easily indent message parts
– IMPR: We should bail out if attachment file doesn’t exist anymore
– FIX: Some parts of forms are not translated
– FIX: Print preview, print setup were not implemented.
– FIX: Copy/cut and paste in same document resulted in corrupted view of message in editor.
– FIX: Canceling address input tries to close Compose window.
– FIX: if message is at the end of file it should always be at the correct offset. (Offset might be wrong if si.Mail or system crashed before all data was written to HDD or if there was not enough free diskspace).

12. May 2008

si.Mail released

It seems that I missed two bugs in previous stable. First one is extremely annoying and it’s reccomended, that you update because of it.  Second one is of visual nature. Change log is bellow.

– FIX: left and right keys in Compose window not working in address input field.
– FIX: priority combo box in Compose window is without icons.

08. May 2008

si.Mail released

As last two stable versions had problems with startup crash 🙁 and also it is a while since I updated the components and fixed those crashes I believe that this is stable enough so it should be released as a stable release. For those who are not visiting site very often next release will have support for spam plug-ins. Naive Bayesian filtering will be compiled in si.Mail itself. I’m also working on Calendar and Task support for some screens shots and more info you can read this post.

– NEW: Hungarian translation thanks to Széll Zsolt
– IMPR: Build static versions (no external dependencies)of new spellcheck and libssl libraries
– IMPR: Message Subject is now stored in text box so you can copy it into clipboard if needed
– IMPR: made embedded plug-ins unicode aware
– IMPR: upgraded gui components (SpTBX) to their latest version. This also fixed startup exception.
– IMPR: moved some form creation to the step they are actually needed (fAddressBook, fMessageReceivers, fPreview, fFolderProperties)
– FIX: Fixed exception when opening rss item from search mailbox.
– FIX: After creating 1st profile RSS tab is not visible.

24. February 2008

si.Mail released

As there will be a long time before next major release and there was a couple of annoying bugs fixed, I’m releasing a bug fix release of stable 1.0 series. For those not playing around with Development builds, update is recommended.

-IMPR: Attachment view skips creating of mailboxes with ? or * in extension part. Please rebuild attachment view for changes to take effect
-IMPR: Improved speed of parsing messages sent via MAPI.
-FIX: Fixed division by zero in images attachment preview plug-in
-FIX: Send at least 1 byte for total mailbox size so in case we are unable to parse server’s response we don’t get division by zero error.
-FIX: Reset countdown for next server message check, if we’ve done it manually.
-FIX: si.Mail not adding attachments to message if they were sent via MAPI.
-FIX: Wrong urlEncode function used, so some characters were not encoded this resulted in si.Mail hanging in rare cases.
-FIX: Fixed exception when sending message and connection to server failed
-FIX: exception division by zero if only one item was in the mailbox and group by was used.