• All Releases on this site are distributed as self extracting archives and not installers
    • Windows 9x and Millennium are not supported.
    • 0.6.x version users please read upgrade guide.
Newest stable release
Released: 25.12.2008

Other downloads

Old versions and spell check dictionaries can be downloaded here.

Additional libraries


Just unpack them same folder where si.Mail executable file is.

    • libiconv library (v. 1.9.2) (700 KiB) – si.Mail has buil-in support for ISO-8859-*, UTF-*, WINCP* and KOI8-R charsets. For other charsets and most east-Asia ones you need this library.



    • import/messages – unpack to .\Plug-Ins\Import\Messages\
    • export/messages – unpack to .\Plug-Ins\Export\Messages\
    • import/address book – unpack to .\Plug-Ins\Import\Address Book\
    • export/address book – unpack to .\Plug-Ins\Export\Address Book\
    • attachments/attachments – unpack to .\Plug-Ins\Attachments\
    • spam/spam – unpack to .\Plug-Ins\Spam\
Type Name Author Version Description
import/messages Mail Warrior (730 KiB) (c) 2004-2008 Miha Vrhovnik (26.12.2007) Mail Warrior 3.5x, 3.6x or 3.7 import plug-in
import/messages Outlook Express (665 KiB) (c) 2004-2008 Miha Vrhovnik (26.12.2007) Outlook Express 5.x, 6.x import plug-in
import/address book Mail Warrior (334 kiB) (c) 2004-2008 Miha Vrhovnik (26.12.2007) Mail Warrior 3.5x, 3.6x or 3.7 import plug-in
attachments/attachments Video and audio (5,9 MiB) NEW (c) 2006-2008 Miha Vrhovnik (26.12.2007) Attachment view video and audio plug-in based on VLC

Icon themes
Unpack to .\Themes\

Name Author Description


  • poEdit – translation tool.

Downloads for advanced users


  • Development build is version which is pretty stable and shows features that will be available in further versions. Use/download version if you’d like to report bugs, or you like to live on the burning edge. This version always contain debug data.
  • Nightly build usually contains only exe file which you put over development release. Only to be used by advanced users.
  • Memory usage Nightly, development and release candidate (RC) builds are build with debug version of memory manager and thus consume at least 20MiB-30MiB more than stable builds.
  • Please DO NOT link directly to Development and Nightly builds, link to download page! Thank you.

Newest development build:


  • si.Mail (self extracting archive) (11,5 MiB) – 1.2 series
    • WARNING: This version upgrades message files and you cannot revert to previous version!
    • – Got rid of Internet Explorer as rendering engine. Chromium is now used, and thus the 7,1M of download increase. This is still work in progress and printing and image downloading don’t work.
    • – New notification style on send/receive message error (see blog post)
    • – Current and next level of message threads are shown in message view window. This eases navigation between messages in the same thread. (see blog post)
    • – Profiles folder fix
    • – 3rd party component and DLLs upgrade
    • – much improved html import for message editing
    • – improved theme loading
    • – some other small improvements