What happened to the siMail first goals?

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What happened to the siMail first goals?

Postby jsanta » 10 May 2006 15:50

I suddenly remembered why did I choose siMail as my probably final email client. It was the size and features, as almost all the software choices I choose, freeware, small size, best rated and set of features.

But what has been happening? siMail is becoming larger and larger in size, not the original description:

- Altrough there is a lot of programs e-mail clients here I decided to make one of my own.
WHY? Most of them have quite a lot of short commings for me. The most common is They have quite a big download size e.g. more than 2MB. The other thing is, that you usually cannot tell them where to store messages.


* Download size < 1,4MB so you can copy it to floppy drive

Just curious.

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Postby mvrhov » 10 May 2006 19:25

Uf you really digged this old specifications up. :) They are not on the site for at least 6months :)
si.Mail has too many features too keep it so small that it would fit on a floppy drive. Other thing is that almost nobody uses floppies anymore. USB-keys have become pretty standard and small sizes are really cheap. Download size of 0.7 series is 2,8MiB and it has almost all libraries it needs included. I could probably strip 0.7 download size for about a 500k, but I really have enough of gmail uses which are complaining that si.Mail doesn't work with gmail out of the box. (But they are just illiterate)

I'll try to keep download size below 3MiB as long as possible.


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