Off-topic: Translators wanted for opensource

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Off-topic: Translators wanted for opensource

Postby decathlon » 05 May 2008 00:31

G'day everyone

Please allow me to tell you about our translation project. I'm hoping that some of you might be able to help us with translations or ideas.

One of the types of programs that I'm sure will be useful to translate, is e-mail programs. Since you guys already work on or translate an e-mail program, would you mind telling me what you think one should look for in an e-mail program from the point of view of translating it? What things do you think one needs to keep in mind when selecting a single e-mail program for a translation project with volunteers?

We call our project the Decathlon because we want to encourage people who feel passionate about their language to translate up to ten or more opensource programs into their languages in 2008. This year, we limit our selection of translated programs to applications aimed at end-users, and preferably programs that run on multiple platforms.

All translations are done in our web-based translations system, Pootle. The value of Pootle is that a team of translators can work together on a single file. Pootle also has quality checking features, to ensure that translations don't break the software they are used in. Pootle requires the Gettext PO format, but we can convert certain other formats to and from PO.

You can read more about the Decathlon project at ... n/mainpage.
Or take a look at the online translation system:
Or join the low-volume newsletter mailing list: ... -decathlon
Or contact the project leader, Samuel Murray, at

I look forward to hearing from you.


Samuel Murray
Decathlon project leader

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