Dial-up network

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Dial-up network

Postby rolf » 07 Oct 2004 15:28

Miha wrote
>I've added support for Dial-up network in latest nightly, but I cannot test it because I don't use DUN for past 4 months. Could you do it? Tools/Options -> Network <

I downloaded the Newest nightly build
06.10.2004, and dial-up works fine. That is, that si.mail calls DUN, when checking mails, and closes the DUN, when the program is closed. In my opinion (or for my needs), it would be better, if si.mail would behave like the good old Mail Warrior - which e.g. had the option "hang up network after action". Then DUN was closed down after checking mail, thus giving you the option to read mail offline.

There is eventually a little bug - the five or six times, I tried the new nightly yet, there were no problems sending mails, but thereafter it was not possible to check mail - I had to close si.mail down, and start it up again. I tried with the Newest nightly build with debug data:06.10.2004, but I couldn´t get this version to work - it crashed everytime on startup.

Greetings, rolf

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