0.7 sneak preview 4 - BUGS

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0.7 sneak preview 4 - BUGS

Postby mvrhov » 21 Apr 2005 13:56

OK this is 2nd public preview release of upcoming 0.7 version.

Stability is pretty improved although there is still a lot of bugs in Message View especialy.

- rules and actions at are mostly complete.
- you can group messages in view by their properties e.g date, priority, thread
- on the fly message list filtering (working on it most of it should work tonight.)

Date for final release of 0.7 is still not known:
Still missing.
- message search
- send/receive (this is pretty large part because of anti-spam functionallity)
- IMAP4 support might come in 0.7 just in case mailbox index files will require any changes.


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