0.7 sneak preview 6 - BUGS

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0.7 sneak preview 6 - BUGS

Postby mvrhov » 17 Jul 2005 11:57

6th public preview release of upcoming 0.7 version.

- as with all releases much improved stability.
- message search (you are still unable to save and later edit/re-run your old searches (saved searches will be static, that means that if you'd like to see new messages you'll have to re-run it))

Still missing:
- send/receive (this is pretty large part because of anti-spam functionallity) I'm leaving that for the end because I don't want anybody accusing me that he/she lost all messages in preview release.
- IMAP4 support might come in 0.7 just in case mailbox index files will require any changes.


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