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html / plain text

Postby chorpo » 09 Feb 2009 14:46


I have problem reading and replying to emails from some of my friends. When I read mails from them I see four options on the bottom of the mail ... html/text plain/ html/ text plain the problem is that the "real mail" is in the second pair html/ text plain so when I reply to them I'm replying to the first pair html/ text plain. First one is only some kind of signature... Thunderbird join this mails and displays them as one mail but si.Mail dispplays them separatelly. Is there anywhere option to disable it???

Your mail client is perfect but this is one makes me angry anytime I have to copy original mail when I want to reply to mail...

thanx for your suggestions/ solution of my problem


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Re: html / plain text

Postby mvrhov » 14 Feb 2009 11:03

Sorry for late reply, but I was away for a past week.

Hm. Someone doesn't know how to build correct e-mail message. Signatures should be after the message body.
But what I'm more interested in is. As Thunderbird is concatenating message parts. Is that part of the message at the beginning of the actual message or at the end of it. If it's at the end I'd really like to get the hands on that message to see if I can do anything. But if it's at the beginning of it then I'm afraid that ATM I can't do anything.


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