Do you prefer mouse or hotkeys for repeated actions?

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Do you prefer the mouse or hotkeys when given a choice?

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Do you prefer mouse or hotkeys for repeated actions?

Postby wes » 06 Dec 2004 16:50

I'm a hotkey junkie. I admit it.

Mousing to a button or dialogue gives me the hives if I have to do it repeatedly. In a recent post, someone indicated a preference for the mouse.

As a keyboard junkie, I was curious to see how many folks prefer mousing over hotkeys for repetitive actions and the reasoning behind it.

My reasoning is that mousing requires a sort of target practice to take place on repetitive actions. Confirmation dialogues on non-destructive (or undo-able) actions are a classic source of humor and annoyance:
(are you _sure_ you want to do what you just asked me to do?)

having to grab the rodent, scoot it over to the button, target it up, and click, each time, adds up IMO.

Thanks always to the author for this miraculous piece of code! It fills a gap for me that no existing mail-clients could.



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