Nokia Ovi to Android SMS convert utility


Nokia2AndroidSMS is a small application that allows you to convert SMS messages from Nokia Ovi datafiles into an xml file supported by SMS Backup & Restore Android application.

Process for transferring SMS messages to your new Android Phone is the following.

Nokia phone side:

  1. Install Nokia OVI,  version 2.1 is required (You don’t need the OVI account!). I you have newer version installed you need to uninstall it first and than manually delete C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Nokia
  2. synchronize messages from your phone with OVI
  3. Disconnect your Nokia Phone and close the Nokia OVI application. WATCH OUT. Noia OVI likes to minimize to system tray please be sure you really closed the application


  1. Download Nokia2AndroidSMS and extract it to any directory.
  2. Run Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe
  3. The application should automatically find all datastores created by Nokia OVI and automatically select the 1st one.
  4. If it should fail to detect datastores you’ll have to find it by yourself, you can either drag and drop datastore file from Windows Explorer onto the Nokia2AndroidSMS window or use the Open button to find it.
  5. You can change the datastore in the 1st selection list if there is more than one
  6. If you have more than one phone in the datastore than you can select for which you’d like to export the messages, they are listed by their IMEI number.
  7. Press Convert button and you should get an xml file in the same folder you extracted Nokia2AndroidSMS to
  8. WATCH OUT: If you get: Failed to load DLL library. System error number was 126. Antivirus probably prevented proper extraction of archive, so you need to extract it again and/or disable antivirus when extracting. The most problematic AV software found was Bitdefender.


  1. Install SMS Backup & Restore
  2. Connect the phone onto the PC (You MUST select Disk drive as connection type)
  3. Copy the xml file into the SMSBackupRestore Folder on the phone, create it if it’s not already there
  4. Run SMS Backup & Restore and import messages.

Mandatory screenshot :)



Newest release
Version: 1.0.2
Released: 23.02.2011

If you like what you see you can make a donation.

211 Responses to “Nokia Ovi to Android SMS convert utility”

1. Import/Export/Move SMS Messages from Nokia to Android - Android Stuff said on 07. June 2010 at 23:26:36

[…] has written another tool to transfer SMS messages from Nokia Ovi to Android via SMS Backup & […]

2. Archphoto said on 16. June 2010 at 14:43:21

Fantatsic! Exactly what I needed to transfer all the messages from my Nokia N95 8GB.

Thoroughly recommend this program and SMS Backup:

A great combination that does just waht it says.

Thank you!

3. Ellis said on 19. June 2010 at 14:46:07

Superb! Many thanks for this, was just what I was looking for for my gf’s 3500 slide to HTC Desire.

She’s very happy :-)

4. geopap7 said on 24. June 2010 at 12:36:46

I am doing what you describe, but after I disconnect my nokia phone and close the ovi application there is no “datastore” to find!!! Where is the datastore you describe? I run the nokia2android application and either it does not find the datastore or pops up a message “access violation of address ooooooo”

5. mvrhov said on 24. June 2010 at 15:20:09

@geopap7: On Windows 7 and Vista it’s in C:\Users\<Windows Username>\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\DataBase\MDataStore.db3

On Windows XP and 2000 it should be something similar.

6. nazandak said on 05. July 2010 at 10:55:13

Great apps and instruction.
Manage to transfer all my important sms from N97 to Galaxy S.

Kudos !!! Many thanks to you.

7. No Longer Mad with Desire: Exactly the anDroid I was looking for | Tech Czech said on 13. July 2010 at 12:13:30

[…] I used these two guides to migrate my SMSs/Text Messages from the E71 to the HTC Desire: 1. This to convert from OVI and 2. This to import the messages onto Android. And Google’s instructions to migrate all my […]

8. Sylvana Brannon said on 19. July 2010 at 12:28:48

Finally!! I have just switched phones from Nokia E90 to HTC Desire, and have spend 4 sleepless nights looking for a solution to this problem!! This has worked perfectly, I don’t understand how nobody on the other boards knows about it! Thank you, I will definitely donate and spread the word.

9. Pratik said on 23. July 2010 at 16:12:09

perfect…exactly what i wanted…transfered all msgs from my nokia to htc…just follow d instructions blindly..:)

10. hakim said on 29. July 2010 at 20:02:05

it worked as advertised, thank you!

i am trying to recover my text messages from nokia ovi database (in plain text or vmg.) can you give me some info on how to do that?

also , in the xml file how does one interpret the date field?

11. Kashif said on 30. July 2010 at 00:16:19

Excellent piece of work really appreciate it.

Just few things to clarify for other users. When copying xml file to Android phone’s sdcard you have to create a new folder in it, if not already there, and name it as “SMSBackupRestore” without quotes. Once the xml file is successfully copied to sdcard you then have to disconnect the USB cable from your computer (by stopping it properly). Only then you should run the SMS Backup & Restore application and select “Restore SMS Messages”.

12. Roger said on 02. August 2010 at 12:38:10

Hi all,

thanks for the great app!

Please, Is the generated XML’s DTD available?
Where can I find documentation regarding each element/attribute on the generated XML file?

Thanks a lot

13. Roger said on 02. August 2010 at 18:28:01

Hi all,
How can I restore SMS from Nokia PC suite?Is it possible?


14. Roger said on 02. August 2010 at 20:55:30

Hi all,

Does Nokia2AndroidSMS support non-English language?

I was able to covert all my SMS, but I found some issues on messages with special characters (like accents).

Please, Does somebody know how to fix this?


15. SMS von Symbian zu Android - Seite 2 - said on 07. August 2010 at 11:28:04

[…] […]

16. Volker said on 07. August 2010 at 13:53:01

Thanks for that great tool!

17. Anu R said on 24. August 2010 at 19:12:02

Hi – I can’t see a link to the Nokia2AndroidSM.exe file: “1.Download Nokia2AndroidSMS and extract it to any directory”

Can you help? Thanks!

18. julian said on 29. August 2010 at 21:38:07

Trying to use the tool but it doesn’t work, i’m keep getting the same error when lunching the application “Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 000000000”
If i browse to the .db3 file and and drag it to the application the Nokia Ovi field will show me the path of the file but the IMEI field stays blank, if i’ll hit convert i’ll get the same error aaaghhhh.
I’m trying to move my SMS from Nokia N95 8Gb to my Samsung Galaxy S, any help appreciated.

19. mvrhov said on 30. August 2010 at 16:21:41

@julijan: messages need to be aproved first. You should get message regarding that after posting.
I’ve rebuild the app with debug information, could you redownload it and click send, so I can get the bugreport.

20. julian said on 30. August 2010 at 20:40:15

Hi mvrhov, i’ve donwloaded the latest version and send you the bugreport. Let me know if you manage to get a fix for it.
Thanks Julian

21. mvrhov said on 30. August 2010 at 21:07:09

Hi julian,
I fixed a possible bug I’m not sure if this was it, but could you give it a try?

@anur R: Just click on it. All the text on the huge orange “button” is a link… It’s located just above the comments. If you missed it by any chance.

22. julian said on 31. August 2010 at 19:04:49

Hi mvrhov, i tried the application again but same error pop’s up. I tried it on another laptop with Windows 7 and it worked like a glove. So it doesn’t like the XP for some reason :|.
Thank you very much for a very useful tool and if you need any more testing on the XP let me know and i’ll do it for ya.

23. Martins said on 01. September 2010 at 14:51:46

I get error: Failed to laod DLL library… on WinXp. Can fix?

24. jetned said on 07. September 2010 at 12:01:06

Excellent app, thanks a bunch!!

25. LurchSchlurch said on 07. September 2010 at 22:35:23

Danke für dieses wundervolle Programm

26. Lluis Azm said on 16. September 2010 at 12:19:26



27. Steve said on 19. September 2010 at 19:57:56

hi downloaded the software and extracted but keeps saying ‘Error opening store. Error was; Failed to load DLL library.’ and also theres nothing on the Phone IMEI, help please!

28. Steve said on 19. September 2010 at 19:59:43

keeps saying the same thing when i press convert and when i drag the MDatastore.db3 file to the Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe tab.

29. steve said on 19. September 2010 at 22:01:56

hi downloaded everything, extracted the file, but it keeps saying error whenever i try to convert or when i opened the Mdatastore thing. says ‘Error opening datastore. Error was;Failed to load DLL Library.’help!

30. AfzalivE said on 01. October 2010 at 07:27:10


But this app needs an option to just navigate to the Datastore sqlite database. It is still quite useful though

31. Raj said on 11. October 2010 at 22:46:49

hi dear
can anyone help me as i tried to find .xml file after converting but could not find anywhere on my system.
I used ovi and synched all my txt messages then closed ovi from tray n then installed nokiatoandroid setup but could not get xml file

I am using vista

plz help me


32. Raj said on 13. October 2010 at 21:14:01

hi mvrhov

I downloaded the latest version of nokiatoandroid application and also found Vista it’s in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\DataBase\MDataStore.db3 file but by default converter selecting datastore1 and allphones
when i am converting this nothing happen and i could not find .xml file on my system

I am not sure how to convert/transfer messages to htc desire.

Problem with converting messages and finding.xml file on vista…plz hlp

I will appreciate it if you could help me,

even on the latest converter there’s no option to send u a bug report or something

I am using Window Vista, i hope there’s no problem with OS

Plz hlp



33. Raj said on 15. October 2010 at 21:19:00

i solved it
the .xml file i found in the same folder where the nokia2android conver was.



34. mvrhov said on 28. October 2010 at 14:35:36

As written in the 7th step :). I’ve now bolded some text in that step.

35. Joos said on 05. November 2010 at 11:57:24

Works great for my Nokia 6300!
Very intuitive and user friendly, a very good alternative for Gammu!

Thank you!


36. Mauro said on 11. November 2010 at 18:38:48

Thank you and my compliment!

37. Nirvana said on 17. November 2010 at 11:02:16

Thank you very much for the effort in creating this great tool!

However, when I launch Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe, I always get the error message “Error opening datastore. Error was: Failed to load DLL library.”

Then the program opens, but doesn’t show my Phone IMEI. Same when I select the MDataStore.db3 manually.

Clicking on Convert results in the same .dll error message as above.

I even copied the sqlite3.dll file to my windows\system32 folder, but no change…

Can you provide any assistance?
I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanx in advance :-)

(I am using Windows 7 64bit)

38. mvrhov said on 17. November 2010 at 13:41:36

Hm. I’m also using Win7 64bit.
I’ve re-compiled the exe and now the dll loading order is forced. Could you re-download and try again, and if still doesn’t load please let me know.

P.S. There seems to be a number of people with this same problem. I’m really wondering which antivirus app you are using and if disabling it might help.

39. Nirvana said on 18. November 2010 at 00:41:09

Thanks a lot for your swift reply.

And actually… you were right! Turned off my antivirus software (bitdefender) – and voilà! Works like a charm.

So thanks again – we really appreciate the great work you are doing!

All the best

40. Nuno said on 13. December 2010 at 00:29:07

Everytime I try to convert myMDataStore with Nokia2AndroidSMS, i get the following error:
“Error opening datastore. Error was: Failed to load DLL library. System error number was 126..”
I’m using Win7 and i’ve deactivated my antivirus (avira)
any help please?

41. rai said on 20. December 2010 at 12:29:54

Hi, I’m trying to use your program, but I keep getting the error – Error openin datastore. Error was: Failed to load DLL library. System error number was 126..

I’ve even tried to disable my anti virus, and I get the same error.

What next?

42. rai said on 20. December 2010 at 12:39:11

Oh nevermind. I re-extracted your file to another folder, and it works now. Thanks!

43. David said on 29. December 2010 at 12:43:04

Man, this is GREAT STUFF you have written/done! Where and how can I donate to support ur great work? Keep it up man! :-)


David from Czech Rep.

44. mvrhov said on 29. December 2010 at 14:47:52

@David: Donations Sorry no paypal as of yet. Will have to open it sometime after new years.

45. Luka said on 02. January 2011 at 22:11:24

Worked like a charm!!!!

All done in 15 min.

You rule!!!!!


46. Diego Na said on 06. January 2011 at 12:52:00

I appreciate your helping!
Many TNX!

47. Hxx said on 06. January 2011 at 21:00:29

nice tutorial!
thx a lot!

48. Fractalogic said on 09. January 2011 at 18:32:18

Thank you very much!

I have switched from the Symbian based Nokia N73 to the Android based HTC Desire like seven months ago.

I have migrated all my digital assets like photos, videos and contacts from the N73 to my computer, and then to the Desire. But I now finally took the time to see if it’s possible to somehow migrate about 200 text (sms) messages I had left just standing on my old phone.

I didn’t expect it to be easy and I knew there was no official way or method for doing this. But I didn’t expect it to be such a pain either.

I don’t like to mess around with my devices too much. I prefer to use the pre-installed applications, default settings and just keep it clean and simple. I hate bloatware. So as you may expect I have not bothered “rooting” my new Android phone.

I have spent hours searching the Web for a way to migrate text messages from a Symbian to a Android phone. I have studied various forums and blogs.

I have studied the method described by Vinod Mishra on his blog at It’s a pretty smart method, and I already have half of the software required installed on my computer. But the method he describes requires the Android phone to be rooted. Since mine is not I didn’t want to do the double work here and first root the phone and then do all those complicated steps, all just to get my text messages from Symbian to Android. It was just not worth it.

I have also read the method described by Alexander Ginkel on his blog at

Alexander’s method is very similar to this method described here. His method also involves using SMS Backup & Restore and Gammu – a command line version of Wammu (“a program to manage data in your cell phone such as contacts, calendar or messages”). Just like the method described here at, his method does not involve rooting the phone.

However, I found this method described here much easier than the one described by Alexander on his blog. Thanks to the fact that the method described here does not involve using Gammu, but rather a simple Windows tool to extract the text messages from the phone in a proper format that can be used with SMS Backup & Restore.

Out of these three methods I have read about, this one is the best there is, as of yet.

Hopefully, with the advancement and evolution of Android mobile operating system, things like these will be a thing of the past. Android is the new standard setting system of the future!

In the future, thanks to Android, it will not matter from what phone brand or model you are switching to what other brand or model. Because hopefully a big majority if not all of them will be using Android, and there will be an official method for migrating your digital assets quick and easy.

It will be just like with personal computers in the 80’s. In the past you could not create a program for one computer, write it to a floppy disk and give it to a friend to run it on his computer with a different architecture where the program would not work without re-work a.k.a. porting.

The PC, the IBM PC and the Intel x86 architecture to be precise changed all that. The only old fashioned fan boy was Apple who always have had their own operating system, and completely different architecture. Just to mess with us. It’s a complete miracle that Apple managed to survive the 90’s!

They are doing it all over again now with iPhone and iOS which they refuse to license out to other manufacturers. Having said that, it’s only a matter of time before iOS market share will shrink down to a bare minimum.

Apple is the black sheep of the herd! :)

49. Fractalogic said on 09. January 2011 at 18:52:28

How can I make a donation?

I found the thread about donations at The author is referring to MoneyBookers for donations.

Is it free to use MoneyBookers to make donations? Do I have to sign up first?

Pay Pal is available in Slovenia. So why is it not possible to use Pay Pal?

I may send the money by letter. But it would have been much easier and more convenient to use an online service like Pay Pal. I for instance donate to Wikimedia Foundation that way annually.

50. mvrhov said on 09. January 2011 at 22:20:35

I’m waiting for a PayPal confirmation charge on my credit card. I’ll let you know when the card will be verified, on which account you can make donations.

51. dinj said on 16. January 2011 at 20:40:23

I have tried above method and my problem is i am not getting errors while using Nokia2AndroidSMS application.
Problem is converted file is only 1 KB which can’t be right i have tried everything else. Any ideas.

Using Vista
Nokia N95 8GB to HTC Desire


52. mvrhov said on 17. January 2011 at 16:56:47

Do Datastore and Phone imei fields contain any entries or are they empty?

@Fractalogic: Pypal finally verified my CC so now feel free to donate. Thanks.

53. dinj said on 17. January 2011 at 18:56:32

@ mvrhov

Yes, both field are filled as per above snapshot:

i.e. Datastore 1 and All phones

And when i press convert 1KB file is generated without errors.
I have tried dragging and dropping 6 MB db3 file without success (i mean same outcome).


54. mvrhov said on 17. January 2011 at 20:11:05

Ok, are there any IMEIs listed in phone field?
In either case could you please tell me the version of Nokia Ovi?

55. dinj said on 17. January 2011 at 23:18:54

@ mvrhov

No there ain’t any IMEI’s listed in the phone field.
I have got Nokia n95 8GB

Nokia Ovi 1.0 installed.


56. mvrhov said on 18. January 2011 at 16:15:29

Nokia ovi is v1.0, it that the version of application on the phone?
If yes, you need to install Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC. I don’t know which is the latest version, but I have 2.2 installed and that version is at least 6 months old…

57. Mash said on 29. January 2011 at 10:33:09

Answer to 53. Looks like you have not sync the messages on the phone. In OVI Suite, first sync the messages and then use the suite. – Regards

58. Nanz said on 04. February 2011 at 13:45:28

MAN u’re soooooo awesome if this really works, & I followed all ur steps & would really love to see it working. Unfortunately,just like “dinj”, I found the extracted file only 1 kb which is weird because my .csv file was 582 kb. The .xml file opened with these info only on the webpage:

any further help please? I’d really appreciate it. I’m transferring my messages from Nokia 7373 to HTC Desire Android, & I’m very attached to my old memories on the old phone. Would appreciate your prompt response, I feel like I can’t still leave my old phone except when I transfer the sms. :(


59. mvrhov said on 04. February 2011 at 14:07:12

Could you try and find the Ovi database by hand as I written in comment No 5. and than drag and drop the database file on Nokia Ovi to Android SMS convert utility form.

60. HIREN said on 19. February 2011 at 09:56:55

Thank you very much. nice application. i am done it. more then 1800 sms transter to dell xcd35.

thanks again

61. mizz_angel said on 21. February 2011 at 22:24:58


I’m trying to do the conversion as you’ve written but not having much luck after closing Ovi Suite. After I close and try to extract the Nokia Ovi to Android SMS, it opens up and says ‘No archives found’. After clicking ok I see a small WinRAR diagnostic screen which says ‘ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.’ Where do I go from here? I’ve tried dragging the database (the location you specified as above, in Users-AppData-Local-Nokia-Nokia Data Store-DataBase) but it won’t let me drag into the WinRAR diagnostic messages screen..

Thanks for any help you can give..

62. mvrhov said on 22. February 2011 at 21:58:19

I’m not using WinRar, but I suppose that it should know how to extract the 7-zip archive, nonetheless you can download 7 zip here

63. mizz_angel said on 22. February 2011 at 22:03:19

Can I use winzip? My computer says the 7zip file that downloaded isn’t supported by my PC..

64. fred_be9300 said on 23. February 2011 at 02:30:49

for those getting a 1kb output file… I faced the same thing just now, and managed to “solve” it.

My Ovi Suite is (was a user of Nokia PCSuite before). Windows XP.

Weeks ago, I had connected my Nokia 5310 to Ovi Suite, but probably not really done a sync. (I don’t really remember what I did then).

I did find 2 files MDataStore.db3 of ~225KB, in these locations:

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\DataBase
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\Deleted\DataBase

When I loaded Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe, it found 2 Datastores, and the Phone IMEI field would says “All phones” with no other options.

Trying to convert, resulted in a 1kb, practically empty “sms_All Phones.xml” file.

Trying to drag ‘n drop the MDataStore.db3 into the application window would lead to the same result.

Finally, I went back to Ovi, and noticed that Ovi reported that the messages (and contacts) had not been synced. So I forced a sync of the messages (and contacts), followed the rest of the steps, and yes, now I do have a proper xml output file. This time, the Phone IMEI field also reported the IMEI of my Nokia.

So, if you get this, go back to Ovi, and make SURE that your messages are synced.

Hope this helps someone…

65. mvrhov said on 23. February 2011 at 16:10:34

@mizz_angel: I have created a SFX archive, so now you shouldn’t have any problems.

@fred_be9300: Thanks for the info, I have updated application. Now if there are no IMEIs present it will tell you that you should synchronize the phone first.

66. Abuharis Khan said on 08. March 2011 at 19:40:48

as written

so nice of you

but friends dont forget to Delete un wanted sms before making xml file . you can delete your sms in OVI and dont forget to empty :Deleted Messages: in your Ovi, otherwise “Nokia to Android SMS convert program will convert your all sms from OVI. and it will take lot of time to restore
i have converted my 111826 sms in about 2 hours.

Thanks and regards

67. Cerebro en la Sombra : Migrando de Symbian a Android manteniendo guía, agenda y mensajes said on 16. March 2011 at 18:29:55

[…] parte es un poco más complicada. Yo seguí este procedimiento y me funcionó todo correctamente, en unos minutos tenía mis 800 mensajes en el teléfono […]

68. Lars Holmberg said on 18. March 2011 at 13:42:05

Nokia e65 migration of all sms messages to Android on HTC Legend worked like a charm. (windows 7, Htc Legend and Nokia e65)

After the import to Android the message structure was updated and integrated into new messages without errors.

Thank you for your great work.

69. Axyrus said on 26. March 2011 at 06:53:44


Thanks for your tips !

70. T said on 27. March 2011 at 17:13:31

[…] […]

71. Fractalogic said on 02. April 2011 at 23:19:16

What’s wrong with the Pay Pal donation page?

When I get to the donation page, one of the required fields there is to choose a password. So it’s like it’s a donation slash registration page…

I don’t have a Pay Pal account and I don’t really need one.

I just want to donate. Why do I need to create a Pay Pal account just to donate?

I have made donations using Pay Pal before. And I have never been required, as part of the donation, to create a fully functional Pay Pal account.

In fact, I have donated to Ritesh Sahu back in January this year whos’ SMS Backup & Restore application I used to migrate my messages from Nokia. But I was not required to sign up for a Pay Pal account.

When I visit Riteshs’ Pay Pal donation page it says like this in the header. “Pay with Credit Card or Log In”

Then it says “Review Donation and Continue” on the button down below.

But when I visit Mihas’ Pay Pal donation page it says “Create a PayPal Account or Log In” as header. And the text on the button reads “Agree and Continue”. What the heck?…

A picture says more than a thousand words. So here are two screen shots that prove it.

Riteshs’ donation page:

Mihas’ donation page:

What does this mean? Why are the donation pages different here?…

I don’t really need a Pay Pal account. I don’t see why I should get one in order to donate money to someone using Pay Pal. Weird…

72. mvrhov said on 03. April 2011 at 11:18:31

@Fractalogic: Nothing was wrong with the PayPal page. Riteshs had a different account type. I’ve upgraded my PayPal account so you don’t need a PayPal account to donate anymore.

73. Kega said on 06. April 2011 at 11:19:37


I can’t download SMS Backup & Restore, it looks like the site is down – anybody who can help?

74. Kega said on 06. April 2011 at 11:29:31

Well I feel stupid, as it’s on android marked :)

75. Faryds said on 07. April 2011 at 10:10:22

Hey, thanks for the awesome work.
I have a question. There’s a SMS that my phone is not moving to the OVI Suite, so I would like to include it in the xml file manually, by copying it.

Can anyone please tell me how to understand the “date” field? Is actually a really important detail and I want to have the original info showing there.

Thanks in advance!

76. mvrhov said on 07. April 2011 at 15:48:30

It’s a unix timestamp * 1000. Use one of the converters on the internet to convert the date to unix timestamp and then multiply it by 1000

77. Ameya said on 12. April 2011 at 06:26:22

Dude you completely rock!!! Thanks a lot man!!!

78. amp said on 18. April 2011 at 19:35:48

Yay! I made it! It took me an hour and a halve, but I MADE IT and now I have all my dear messages in my new phone <3 thank you so much for this tutorial 😀

79. DMH said on 24. April 2011 at 21:34:20

Works like a charm. Thank you so much. Nokia 2720 to DesireS

80. john sein said on 05. May 2011 at 10:28:48


81. Ammar Morad said on 07. May 2011 at 19:43:58

P erfectWorks like a charm. Thank you alot. Nokia 6120c to Desire

82. Nokia 短信导入 Android 系统手机 | 浪费时间来学习 said on 08. May 2011 at 13:28:31

[…] 原文 SMS Backup & Restore安装 […]

83. Sanjay said on 26. May 2011 at 13:12:27


I have a Nokia 7710 which was a Symbian S90 series touchscreen smartphone. The problem is that neither the PC suite nor the OVI suite can read the SMS on the phone. I have a utility on the phone which backs up the sms in a native format but that does not work with this utility.

There is other application on phone which converts the SMS into plain text, is there any way to use that txt file and convert it into a android understable XML file?


84. mvrhov said on 26. May 2011 at 13:42:20

Does Ovi suite even support that phone? and if it does, did you force synchronization of contacts and sms messages.

85. Sanjay said on 26. May 2011 at 14:01:14

Ovi Suite detects the phone but does not synchronize the contacts or messages. In PC Suite I can export the contacts to CSV files, but messages there also does not show.

86. aiaiyaya said on 01. June 2011 at 19:36:09

nice! this worked for me. thanks a lot!

87. EBE said on 04. June 2011 at 15:29:16

Thank You very much!

88. prateek said on 10. June 2011 at 19:54:46

dis wrkd prfctly……..initially it was showin no file in the folder which i created but after i disconnected my phone it just worked!!!I thought i wud lose all my 3200 messages….thnxx man..u jus saved my message collection….

89. chin said on 23. June 2011 at 17:17:33

mvrhov –

i’m trying to use this app and facing a problem. don’t know if you’d have the time to reply, but would be great if you can find some time.

i have an nokia 5800 and samsung galaxy ace (running android 2.2). i’ve got about 1500+ smses on the nokia that i’m trying to move to the android. did the following without a problem:
– downloaded and installed ovi suite
– connected the nokia 5800 to the computer (windows 7 32-bit) and synced only the messages (all 1500+ smses synced fine)
– disconnected the nokia phone and closed the ovi suite (all the way from the sys tray too)

now, i tried running the Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe and both the ‘Nokia Ovi Stores’ and ‘Phone IMEI’ fields were dropdowns defaulted to their default values. therefore, i dug up the .db3 file from the path you mentioned. dragged-and-dropped this file in the ‘Nokia to Android SMS converter utility’ window and then the first field ‘Nokia Ovi Stores’ changed to a textbox with the path of the file and an ‘Open..’ button beside it. However, the second field is still a dropdown defaulted to ‘All Phones’ with no other values.
Clicked the ‘Convert’ button and a message came up stating ‘No messages exported. Did you forget to synchronize you phone messages with OVI?’
Can’t get ahead of this step. Can you please help when you get the time?
I checked the ‘C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Ovi Suite\Messages’ folder and I see two folders there.. one with the imei of my phone and the other named ‘Database’. The first is empty and the ‘Database’ folder contains a ‘msg_db.sqlite’ file sized about 958KB. I opened the file in Notepad++ and it seems to contain my messages.
Can I use your exe directly with this file? Or is there something else that I have missed?

Also, I have tried the above steps at more than once computer just to be sure. Have rebooted the computer and reinstalled the ovisuite too.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

90. mvrhov said on 24. June 2011 at 09:35:45

hi chin.
I just upgraded my 2.2 ovi suite to the latest and greatest 3.1 and my messages are still kept in the same location :(.
Now either the message format and location has really been changed in recent versions and the new version just knows how to read messages from the old location. The most annoying bit is that the newer versions of ovi suite don’t upgrade the message store. Could you try to get a 2.2 version somewhere on ovi site?

91. chin said on 24. June 2011 at 11:37:29

miha –

thanks for the quick feedback.
yes, I too was going to end up thinking that the ovi suite version might have changed from the time you coded the app and hence the problems. the current version of the ovi suite installed is 3.1.. As you’ve suggested, I will try to find the version 2.2, uninstall the 3.1 version and ensure all folders are deleted, then install 2.2 and then try the app again. Even better, I’ll see if I can get my hands on another machine all together (withtou ovi suite installed) and then install version 2.2 on it. all this IF I am able to find ovi suite version 2.2.

again, thanks for the help though. I hope I find the version 2.2, will keep you informed.


– chin

92. chin said on 24. June 2011 at 18:42:00

miha –

bingo! had trouble, lots of trouble, finding an older version of the nokia ovi suite. found Nokia Ovi Suite v2.1.1.1 at:
uninstalled the previous version (3.1.x.x) and had to manually delete all directories within the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Nokia directory. from then on, everything worked like textbook.

thanks & cheers,

– chin

93. Ninad said on 03. July 2011 at 09:00:29

Hi Ritesh,
Really appriciate your efforts. Any plans of upgrading the tool to support Nokia Ovi Suite v3.1 and above?

94. mvrhov said on 03. July 2011 at 17:54:33

I’m not Ritesh, Ritesh is the author of the application that runs on the Android.

I’ll update the application as soon as I get hands on the Nokia phone.


96. Vickie said on 04. July 2011 at 19:14:26

Hi, my phone doesn’t have an SD card slot (Nexus S), is there another way to import my messages?

97. enruoblem said on 06. July 2011 at 21:46:45


I have recently got a htc desire s and I am trying to import my sms from my nokia n900. I have sync’ed my messages to my pc then exported them (file stored on desktop for ease).

However, I am having a problem when trying to convert them to xml format. I get the error message “No messages exported. Did you forget to synchronize you phone messages with OVI?”

Not really too sure why I am getting this message, I have sync’ed my messages with ovi, they are definitely there because I can see them when my phone is unplugged.

Please could you let me know how I would be able to convert my messages (I am probably doing something blatantly wrong!). I have many precious messages which I don’t want to lose just because I have changed phones :(

Many thanks.

98. buddha said on 13. July 2011 at 17:37:20

@mvrhov – I am using nokia ovi version, windows 7 (32 bit), completed all the steps detailed by you. Manually dragged & dropped the MDataStore.db3 from the location defined by you. Also ensured that ovi is closed perfectly and McAfee is turned off, but still not able to extract the .xml file. it always give the error “no messages exported. did u forget to synchronize you phone messages with ovi” whereas I am able to view all my messages in ovi suite completely sync..pls help !!! :(

99. Ilya said on 13. July 2011 at 20:19:52

I synchronize with ovi. when trying to convert using the nokia to android sms convert an error: error No messages exported. Did you forget to synchronize you phone messages with OVI. What should I do? Plz help.

100. Strenki said on 15. July 2011 at 07:41:28

ovi suite version 3.1+ does not work
when I instaled 2.2, all is correct and my sms from nokia are in android. thank you

101. Tomas said on 17. July 2011 at 12:55:41

just needed to dwnld the older version of ovi suite and then it worked. you´ve really made my day. great app thx a lot. cheers

102. Migrating your Nokia Contacts and SMS Messages to a Nexus S | Googlenetics said on 18. July 2011 at 12:55:56

[…] Importing the contacts into your handset can be a little challenging if you’re really new to the phone but it is easy, and it is fast. Some of these instructions are copied from a post at […]

103. Importare rubrica Nokia - LG Optimus Black - Forum Android Italia - said on 19. July 2011 at 11:49:40

[…] questo indirizzo ed installarlo sul computer 2. fare il backup dei messaggi 3. seguire passo passo questa guida per convertire i messaggi utilizzando questo software 4. dal telefono android scaricare dal […]

104. MarkW said on 28. July 2011 at 13:23:06

Brilliant – just brilliant!! :¬)

I had over 900 messages on my Nokia N95, and using these tools was able to restore them all onto my new HTC Desire S.

Note – as per one of the previous posters, I had to use Nokia OVI Suite v2.1 which I downloaded using the link from post no.84

Great work, many thanks.

105. s070757 said on 29. July 2011 at 06:41:23

Thanks mvrhov and chin.

I can confirm Nokia Ovi Suite v3.1.1.80 will NOT work with this method.
Using Nokia Ovi Suite v2.1 with the methods described above restored all my messages from Nokia N8 to Motorola Atrix beautifully.

106. ShoSho said on 31. July 2011 at 11:44:57

thanks man, there are 3 or 4 sites offering different ways to get your Nokia MS’s to your Android SMART Phone, but non is as simple and effective as yours.
You are a life saver, I am surely gonna donate some amount.

peace man.

107. George said on 01. August 2011 at 13:55:15

Thank You so much for this…really appreciate it. It took me a while, but I have my text messages all sorted now. The only advice I can give people, is to make sure they get an old version of Ovi suite like….I had so much trouble before, but it was because I was using a newer version of OVI suite (3.1 something). Thanks again.

108. Imogen said on 03. August 2011 at 00:17:28

This has been SO helpful. Two days of trying to save 2000 texts from Nokia 6303c to transfer to HTC Wildfire S. Win7, was trying to use Ovi3 with same issues as above (83 &84) Just downloading Ovi2.1 now and retrying…fingers crossed.

109. Imogen said on 03. August 2011 at 01:48:12


another hour later and I’ve cracked it. had to download the Ritesh’s app through the market app on my HTC. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope this transfer stuff gets easier with my next phone.. though I doubt it :)


110. Lunarare said on 03. August 2011 at 17:31:42

I have recently tried to shift over 2800 sms from my nokia classic 2730 to my new htc wildfire s .
however while in the process of trying to convert the stores(or whatever the messages are called) the application gave me this error

No message exported.Did u forget to synchronize your phone messages with ovi?

I did not know what went wrong as i followed it step by step and i am sure that i have did everything correctly. i have also checked if i synched it and in the nokia sync log,there was a record of me synching it and also after synching it on my phone came out the notifications saying ‘ synchronization successful’

111. Aaron J said on 04. August 2011 at 01:42:11

Hi all –
Is anyone else finding that there is a maximum number of SMS’s you can transfer. No matter how many times i try, i only get 3070msgs/808kb file. It’s missing 2-3months worth of text messages (the most recent ones)

112. Worogko Roman said on 04. August 2011 at 02:47:44

Thank you very much for your great app!))

113. Alka said on 04. August 2011 at 22:07:55


Just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU – it took me 1/2 a day to get it to work due to a version of Ovi suite that was too new – but then all worked like a CHARM – Great work…

Any attempting to do this should read the posts above – they will help them and save them time from all the mistakes they could make … THANKS AGAIN ..

114. Pedro said on 06. August 2011 at 16:14:24

just want to say that i followed what chin said, on response 84, and works like a charm!

first, remove installation of ovi 3.1
second, delete the folder “Nokia” under “Local” directory
third, install ovi suite

many thanks to all!! chears!!

115. pat said on 07. August 2011 at 18:26:04


116. salman said on 10. August 2011 at 18:15:25


117. Ame said on 11. August 2011 at 01:32:13

If i browse to the .db3 file and and drag it to the application the Nokia Ovi field will show me the path of the file but the IMEI field stays blank, I have got the latest version of Ovi and also sync’ed and backed up everything on my nokia N82. i still cannot get the IMEI showed on your application. is there any way to key in manually? If i convert im getting xml file of 1kb.I’m trying to move my SMS to my Samsung Galaxy SL.

118. cyd said on 13. August 2011 at 13:25:15

i have a prb… m downloading ovi suite 2.1 but after installation its updated in 3.1 …can u help me wid this coz i want to transfer my msgs to my galaxys i9000…

119. teddy said on 19. August 2011 at 20:56:21

It (Version: 1.0.2) doesn’t work with the last vertion of Nokia Ovi (3.1.1).
I finded Ovi ver. 2.0.2. All right.

120. baki said on 21. August 2011 at 22:20:11

pls up ur app. it cant read extension .sqlite.

121. Lucas said on 24. August 2011 at 12:15:55

Trying to convert my sms from my Samsung 8910 to galaxy 2..

Any help? I dont think nokia suite reads Samsung :(

122. Gianluca said on 24. August 2011 at 22:32:40

I must be kinda unlucky. The process is simple, but, still, it didn’t work for me.

I synchronize the messages on the mobile (N73) through OVI suite, NokiaSMS2Android automatically finds the datastore, but when I click the button “Convert” it says that there is no message to convert and asks me whether I’m sure I’ve synchronised them correctly.

Well… yes, I’m sure, also becuase from the OVI suite I can read them also when the mobile is disconnected.

I’m using Windows 7 32 bits.

Any clue about how to solve this issue?

123. Gianluca said on 24. August 2011 at 22:56:59

I should’ve read all the comments before writing mine.
Everything worked after downgrading the OVI Suite to the 2.1.1 version as indicated in the comments written by chin, mvrhov and miha.

Everything works OK with the old version of OVI suite.

Thanks, thanks a lot!
Great application!

124. Help! said on 30. August 2011 at 08:13:08

Uno problemo! I just synced the phone and did everything step by step, but the converter says no messages exported! Did you forget to sync? despite there is a MDatastore.db3 and Ovi contains messages while the phone is disconnected. I run Win7 64bit.

125. Jan said on 30. August 2011 at 20:33:54

Hi Miha, thanks for writing such a useful app but it didn’t work for me. I didn’t come to this thread but read your steps from another website and followed the steps. I was hoping it would work as I wanted to trade-in my Nokia when I bought my android. So if it didn’t work, I’m prepared to lose all my sms. No choice!

As I got your app from another website, it was the older version that did not warn when sync is not done properly. I went through the steps and got a 59 bytes XML file. It was just like what Fred_be9300(comment no. 64 above) had encountered. As there was no advice about how large the XML file should be, I didn’t investigate why the file was so small.

When I got my Android SGS2 and tried to restore the sms, I got zero sms transferred. Then I came to this thread and realised a couple of things I have done may be wrong.

Firstly, I may not have sync the messages properly. Don’t understand why, since I can read the messages in Ovi? Secondly, I am using Ovi, which may not work?

Now since I already do not have my old phone, is there still any hope of transfering the sms from Ovi which I can read when I open Ovi? Should I find another Nokia phone and sync those ovi sms to that phone and then delete Ovi 3.1 and install Ovi 2.1 and re-create the XML file?

Any suggestion is appreciated! Tks!

126. Rick said on 01. September 2011 at 19:07:49


Thanks for great work! After several unsuccessful tries, I managed like this:

1. Made sure my contacts are in order (new phone).
2. Used an older version (2.1) of Nokia Ovi to extract the messages. <– Important!
3. Converted.
4. Imported with the SMS Backup & Restore tool.
5. Done!

Like this I got everything in order, and well organized. More than 900 messages from over five years got converted well.

Thanks again!

127. Ben said on 02. September 2011 at 17:11:00

Dear Miha

I have the same problem as chin and luckily having read through the comments on this page I managed to figure out why I was having a fruitless day with this conversion process.

May I humbly suggest that you add a remark in your instructions that Nokia Ovi v3 and above will not work and have a link to download Nokia Ovi v2. This will help first timers a lot.

Thank you.

128. Coolind said on 04. September 2011 at 12:59:36

Worked fine with Nokia 5800 and Samsung Galaxy S2
use version 2.1 or 2.2 of ovi
and it worked like charm
transferred 2500 sms in just 10 min time

129. SLY said on 08. September 2011 at 09:26:37

it worked for me but just only with Nokia Ovi 2.1.. firstly I installed the last version of Ovi 3.1 but it didnt work. then read the comments and found the older version, installed… then everything was Ok..

130. Wael said on 08. September 2011 at 20:36:51

This solution is great, but it works until “Nokia Ovi Suite version”, when I tried it on version 3.2 and it did not work!!!
I had to downgrade the Ovi Suite to 2.5 and it worked then.

131. Dude said on 11. September 2011 at 12:06:32

Yeah this doesnt work with the latest Ovi. I also had to use an older version.

132. kiwiki said on 13. September 2011 at 16:41:10

It works very well. Thank you so much! I can now have all my sms exported to htc phone. Bravo!

133. girgis said on 14. September 2011 at 09:55:47

hi all;
when i convert database from OVI the file sms_All phones is empty and when drag it to sd card and use SMS Backup & Restore this message appears
success = 0
failed = 0
total = 0
what can i doing for this problem ?
please help me

134. Mike said on 16. September 2011 at 07:19:55

I recently got a Galaxy S2 and I too have been facing problems with transferring messages to my new Android device.

However, I think I have a fix for you guys.

I downloaded Nokia Ovi version 2.2 from here
Not my upload, but I scanned the file before running and everything is good.

Follow the rest of the instructions and you should be golden. Make sure you have exited Nokia Ovi before you run nokia2androidsms.

Also, thanks to mvrhov for the hard work. Much obliged.

135. MiniCo said on 18. September 2011 at 15:58:10

Thank you, tank you, thank you!
all my favorite sms will be on my new samsung!
Love it ^^^^^^

136. Jane said on 24. September 2011 at 11:51:37

I followed the instructions and have drag and drop the datastore to the program but it keeps saying that no messages exported. But I already sychronised my phone sms with ovi… Please help… FYI, I am using ovi and windows vista.

137. Jane said on 24. September 2011 at 15:53:46

Hi mvrhov,

I have solved the above issue. I have uninstalled ovi3.1 and follow the instructions given by chin above.

I have managed to download all my sms to my new hp!!! Thanks a million!!! And thanks to chin as well!!

138. SAKIB ALI said on 25. September 2011 at 12:27:18

A lot of Thanks.

It’s really work. nice program.

Thanks Again

139. dobby said on 26. September 2011 at 18:01:57

Hi everyone,

I have done exactly what you describe, but when I click on the restore button, it says “No backup file exists”.

Do you know where is the problem,


140. jesus said on 27. September 2011 at 12:19:52

with nokia ovi 2.2 run perfectly

141. coolest said on 27. September 2011 at 23:01:17

Whenever I click convert a msg pops say “No Messages exported. Did you forget to syncronize your phone messages with OVI”!!

I’m 100% sure I synchronized my messages as the OVI app confirmed it successfully.

Can some one help and advice how to over come this?

142. CWM said on 04. October 2011 at 13:26:15

Thanks for this great program!
It works all fine except for the fact that it doesn’t convert all my messages into an .xml-file (2000 out of 2400). I already changed the folder where my messages are to be stored on my nokia, but still some sms are missing.

Any explanation or help for this problem?

143. Shak said on 13. October 2011 at 03:37:47

Hi, Transferring messages from my Nokia c5-00 to my HTC Desire HD. It seems I got all of the messages onto the Desire, but alot of the messages that were from other people now say they were sent by me, and alot of the time stamps are wrong, eg. instead of (me) (them) (me) (them) it is (me) (me) (them) (them), if that makes sense. Any help would be great.

144. Ritesh said on 13. October 2011 at 16:24:27

hello Miha,

could you please make Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe for Ovi 3.1? This is the only way, I can get my SMS to the new phone. I tried several otherways…. nothing worked…. It will be extremly helpful, if i can convert my .db3 file to .xml version and then use Ritesh’s (the android app developer’s) app to get them to my phone.

Thank you so much….


145. lisak said on 16. October 2011 at 00:56:39

Hi, probably a really basic question/problem, because I’m not at all tech-savvy, but hope you can help.
I’ve got to step 1. Install SMS Backup & Restore. When I connect my phone to the PC I don’t get any selection, so can’t select Disk drive as connection type?
I also can’t work out how to complete step 3 ???
‘3.Copy the xml file into the SMSBackupRestore Folder on the phone, create it if it’s not already there’ Is this maybe because I haven’t selected Disk drive as connection type?

I’ve managed to complete step ‘4. Run SMS Backup & Restore and import messages’ but this has only backed up and restored the few new SMS I’ve received after switching to SGS2 phone from Nokia E51.


146. Tom Jones said on 17. October 2011 at 14:50:38


Do you still intend to update the application? I tried doing what Chin suggested in posts 83/84 as I have the same problem as he did, but for some reason this created more problems for me then it solved. I started getting sync issues and the only thing that resolved it was installing the Nokia Suite 3.2.64 Beta.

147. 最爱你是谁 said on 18. October 2011 at 06:07:38

Nokia change data store, now database is %appdata%\Local\Nokia\Nokia Ovi Suite\Messages\Database\msg_db.sqlite

148. idomeneo said on 20. October 2011 at 23:03:01

Thank you, I was really struggling to export these messages (I got a SGS2 and didn’t like to lose all my old SMS). I really couldn’t figure out where the problem was, then I read your message about the issue with newest OVI Suite, so I installed and old one ( too, and it worked like a charm. Thanks again. And thanks to Miha too, of course! :)

149. ARX said on 24. October 2011 at 15:03:01

I need your help really bad. I have over 5000 text messages in Nokia 5800 that I am trying to transfer to Samsung Galaxy S2. I downloaded the latest version of Nokia Ovi. I was able to MDataStore.db3 file which is 3.46MB. Then I tried running Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe file. It shows “DataStore 1” and udder Phone IMEI it shows “All Phones”. Whenever I run it, it creates “sms_All Phones.xml” file which is only 59 bytes.

I also ran the file by dragging the “MDataStore.db3” file to “Nokia Ovi Stores” section of Nokia2SMS utility but get the same result with “sms_All Phones.xml” file. The file says:

I tried using the procedures on both Windows XP and Windows Vista with the same results. Any help will be much more appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

150. ARX said on 24. October 2011 at 16:13:24

Awesome. Just used OVI 2.1 version and was able to get the “sms_All Phones.xml” file. So I am half way done. Now just have to upload it to Galaxy S2. I can’t see and folder on my Galaxy S2 for SMS backup & Restore when I access the phone through Computer. In fact I don’t see any applications.

Where should I copy the “sms_All Phones.xml” file to access it through SMS backup & Restore application?

151. Ashutosh said on 02. November 2011 at 03:02:08

This app doesn’t work with the latest version of Nokia OVi Suite. Can you update the application if not share the code, I will do it?

152. shadab said on 03. November 2011 at 12:34:50

i tried all the steps and even got an .xml file.
but the .xml file does not contains an 0 sms count.
tried it several times but im having the same problem.

153. shadab said on 03. November 2011 at 12:35:39

what i meantto say was it contains 0 sms count.

154. Animesh said on 09. November 2011 at 08:45:44

Guyz… i have a Acer Liquid Metal with Fryo…i tried all the instructions still am not able to get my SMS’s….pls suggest wat to do….when i restore on the phone it says no back ups found.

155. greatndit said on 11. November 2011 at 16:49:21



the first try :
problem i got was the same problem that dinj & nanz got. nokia2androidsms only produced 1 kb xml file which is unusable & receive no error message. i use win 7 & nokia ovi ver 3.1… that time.

second try :
this time i use different computer which use win xp & nokia ovi ver 3.1….
this time i get the same problem that dinj get & i receive error message : “No messages exported. Did you forget to synchronize you phone messages with OVI?”

it’s the nokia ovi ver3.1… that is not compatible with nokia2androidsms program
use ovi ver 2.2 download from website that nanz mentioned above :

after following chin step on message no.84 and…TADAAAAA!!!
successfully transfer all my sms from my lovely 7 years old nokia 6680 to my mighty samsung galaxy s2

Thank You Everybody!

156. greatndit said on 11. November 2011 at 18:21:21


in the first time i face that problem too.
solution: SMS backup & Restore
2.tap backup
3.the program will offer a name for the backup , just tap ok
4.backup file + folder created
5.connect phone to pc *.xml in your phone
7.after you find the xml file that your phone created ( you will find the folder you were looking for)
8.delete it and replace with the xml file created by nokia2androidsms
9. back to SMS backup & Restore
10. restore it
11. done

157. honj90 said on 21. November 2011 at 13:28:23

This is a great program, easy to use and exactly what I was looking for.

One thing only, could you update this to work with the new version of Ovi, “Nokia Suite”? Maybe just giving the option to select the Nokia Suite directory instead of Nokia Ovi Suite one would be enough.

158. angelos said on 10. December 2011 at 18:49:31

As I read, it only works with ovi 2.1
Can’t seem to be able to find it on the web (all links now point to the new nokia suite)
Anyone got it and can send or something?

159. Kristina said on 12. December 2011 at 21:45:40

Thanks so much for this.. I struggled a bit, first with the new version of Nokia Suite, then with creating a folder for backup, but read through the entire thread and solved all problems.. so very happy to be able to keep my precious text messages and have now managed to convert them all to my Galaxy S2.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

160. tifa said on 13. December 2011 at 13:55:14

Thanks a million..

161. Liviu said on 22. December 2011 at 02:29:27

Amazing stuff!
It just works. Yey!

162. moos said on 23. December 2011 at 05:50:17

Thank you #155 greatndit. Installing older version of Ovi worked nicely for me.

163. Amkam said on 06. January 2012 at 15:38:58

Just migrated my wife from Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic to Android. I’ve promised to transfer her messages from the old phone to the new one. Now, i;m running Nokia Suite 3.2.100 and i’ve synced the messages.
But the xml file is not getting generated. First, the datastore is not recognised. When I drag the datastore file on the conversion utility, i get a message “No messages exported. Did you forget to synchronize you phone messages with OVI?”

Please help. I’m planning to give the Nokia to someone else to use & I dont want to just delete the messages.

164. Amkam said on 06. January 2012 at 19:19:13

hey…its the version of Nokia suite thats the problem.
As greatndit suggested, i uninstalled nokia suite 3.2 and installed 2.1
And it worked beautifully, and all my wife’s sms’s are now in her new galaxy S. time to delete the sms’s in the nokia & hand it over to its new owner.

thanks to all forum contributors for their help .

165. Daniel said on 18. January 2012 at 17:21:22

It works beautifully!!!! Thanks alot mvrhov. I am so grateful!!! Please refer to post 92 by chin if you experience any difficulties. I can see that the problem that most faced here is that they are using an updated version of Ovi Suite. You just need to uninstall you current version and install an older version of Ovi Suite as given by Chin under post 92 and everything will work!! I want you to know that we are very appreciative of your help!! I just syn all my sms from nokia E72 to Samsung Galaxy Note. Just perfect!!! Thank God for your selfless sharing!!

166. hoiyi said on 26. January 2012 at 03:37:02

Where can I download the old version of Nokia Ovi Suite?
I cannot install the old version because once I run the setup, it says that it need to download the latest version for installation.

167. Sunish said on 31. January 2012 at 17:06:35


Was really worried on learning that my messages wont export directly. Stumbled upon this piece and viola..done!

Thanks man, you are the saviour,


168. Murindi said on 19. February 2012 at 01:55:21

I’m struggling to get this to work for me. I have done everything as instructed. When i go to convert, i get an error message that says “No messages exported. Did you forget to synchronize you phone messages with OVI?”.

After i synced with OVI i had the message saying that the sync was successful. I shut down all the Nokia programs, i disconnected my phone etc and then ran this program and it just won’t pick it up. I then copied the db3 file to it and still the same message.

I’m hoping there is a simple solution to this or i’m just doing something wrong, as i am desperate to get these messages from my Nokia 6120 clasic to my Samsung Galaxy S II and it’s starting to do my head in!!

Hoping you can help.

169. Murindi said on 19. February 2012 at 01:57:49

Ooops…..just read message 155…sorry, must have missed that one….will give this a go first and see how i go!

171. Nokia2AndroidSMS: Transfer SMS Messages From Nokia to Android Mobile said on 03. March 2012 at 13:32:08

[…] Download Nokia2AndroidSMS here /* Tweet SHARE IT /* */ .nrelate_popular .nr_sponsored{ left:0px !important; } /* */ TAGS » Android, How to […]

172. lucerna said on 04. March 2012 at 04:54:49

sh..t resh..t read previous msgs uninstalled ovi 3.3 downloaded from mediafire ovi 2.2 it worked!!! 874 sms in sevral minutes in my galaxy, finally I can star using it instead of the n97, thanks you all specially chin, mvrhov, miha and mike great job!!!!

173. anurag said on 14. March 2012 at 16:25:48

i have linked it to xda developers for many others to thank you and spread it for help

174. Anonymous said on 15. March 2012 at 18:20:13

[…] […]

175. gorico said on 17. March 2012 at 19:11:32

Unable to create anything, keeps saying “No messages exported. Did you forget to etc…?”, even if I drag and drop the specific .db3 file, located where is it supposed to be – so that the very first attempt made me doubtful about this tool. Note that under “..AppData\Local\Nokia\..” there are three different .db3 files, and none of them works. I wonder, why keep telling me “did you forget to” as if I were stupid, even when I drag a specific file? Shouldn’t it say instead, don’t know, “wrong file”, “corrupted” or something else more useful? it’s been two useless hours, problem is there is nothing else on the Web that do this task.

176. mvrhov said on 17. March 2012 at 19:20:46

@gorico: I’m pretty sure you didn’t follow instructions. They specifically say, that it only works with Ovi version 2.1 and provides a link to it.

177. gorico said on 17. March 2012 at 20:10:26

Very sorry, my fault, I simply skipped the first crucial step, assuming I already had the right Nokia Suite. Backup&Restore is transferring my 3k messages from the XML right now – and is was very quick thanks to dropbox as well. Sorry again and thanks.

178. Vic said on 18. March 2012 at 23:44:00

Thank you!! There are so many rubbish solutions out there (trust me, I tried so many rubbish alternatives), but this one worked perfectly!!

179. Ben said on 05. April 2012 at 17:15:33

Hi, I think version 2.1 is no longer available at the link you have provided.. any alternative versions/solutions?

180. mvrhov said on 06. April 2012 at 18:00:14

Hm. The link works for me.

181. Vasanth said on 19. April 2012 at 12:39:18

I have been searching for a solution to copy the messages from Nokia to Galaxy S2, this procedure worked for it perfectly. Thanks for that.

182. A. Wasserman said on 26. April 2012 at 04:25:48

Everything works perfect, but remember:
1-st you have to copy the XML file from the PC to the phones card, to any subdirectory.
The disconnect the phone from the PC and using the phones file manager copy the XML file to the SMSBackupRestore subdirectory
Now the XML file will not be empty

183. Prakash said on 07. May 2012 at 11:58:08

Thanks for this.

184. Ajit said on 01. June 2012 at 09:22:56

It worked as described…superb..I restored all my messages from Nokia X6 to HTC ONE X`

185. pkhanh said on 23. June 2012 at 16:48:00

Well, the afterdawn link is not worked for me (auto download the latest version of Nokia Suite) and as i see, for many people here. So after recheck all comment, i see the mediafire link: in Mike’s post (#134) Nokia Ovi Suite version 2.2. It works totally fine for me.

(Using latest Nokia Suite will not success for SURE)

186. IgOr said on 23. June 2012 at 18:49:57


My sms on my nokia are with spanish accent , do you think this programm will restore it with no problems ?


187. Mohamed Sameh said on 10. July 2012 at 00:10:53

I cant THANK YOOUU enough! reallyy !

188. TT said on 12. August 2012 at 02:03:16

Thank you sooooooo much.

Was easy peasey to do and finally someone who has a good method for transfering Nokia to Android.

Amazing. Now for my contacts … 😀

189. Sethu Raman said on 24. August 2012 at 15:57:34


190. BM said on 01. November 2012 at 09:41:31

Thank you for this! It works. I used Nokia Ovi Suite My handset was Nokia 6133 and I transferred the SMS’es to Sony Xperia go.

This version of the OVI was downloaded from the following URL:

191. Tri Setio said on 15. November 2012 at 17:13:11

it works!!! thanks alot 😀

192. Nikhil said on 21. November 2012 at 20:11:40

thanks a lot, worked perfectly. just transferred all my messages from nokia e-6.00 to galaxy s3

193. Urushi Ray said on 22. November 2012 at 14:14:13

Nokia E52 to Samsung GT-P6800 in 5 minutes!

194. Salman said on 25. November 2012 at 14:06:56

Hats off !

Amazing indeed.

I went through many other solutions but none worked. This is really works.

Thanks again for such an excellent & free-for-all effort.

Take care.

195. Salman said on 25. November 2012 at 14:09:29

Sorry I missed following line to add in my previous comment.

I migrated my all messages from Nokia e5 to my new Xperia S (ICS android version).

The process was smooth and as instructed.

By the way, can one also migrate his/her contacts from nokia to android by same way?

Any comments? Thanks.

196. Amir said on 07. December 2012 at 12:41:27

Thank you so much! it works!

197. rahul said on 29. December 2012 at 17:26:30

thanks a lot
it worked and i m very thank ful to all of you

198. Rienkandroid said on 16. August 2013 at 16:54:08

Big thumbs up for this tool! :) Makes my extremely happy.

199. Wlad said on 16. October 2013 at 16:36:21

Many thanks for this utility! Works perfect with Nokia Ovi Suite v. and Nokia 7270

200. M-Ledger said on 22. October 2013 at 07:02:26

Transferring old SMS messages from Nokia to Android…

Transferring old SMS messages from Nokia to Android…

201. Abrar said on 09. December 2013 at 05:44:48

Many Many Thanks for SMS convert utility Description, its so easy. I just successfully transfer SMS from Nokia N97 to my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3…

202. John said on 22. January 2014 at 00:22:27

Thank you so much!!

203. sam said on 29. January 2014 at 20:55:33

this works great, thanks for the software .

204. T & T said on 02. February 2014 at 10:35:55

It works for me!!!
Thank you verry muchhhhh

205. Mystic said on 16. February 2014 at 22:23:04

thank u so much for this software. its just excellent!!

206. karshni said on 26. February 2014 at 17:14:39


207. vidzvd said on 04. January 2015 at 02:00:56


Tried everything in the above given list. Nokia OVI Suit 2.2 did wonders and nothing else. My cells are Nokia N8 and Lenovo S660 (Normal people don’t use either one now a days but….). Used this link ‘’ and everything just worked awesome. After two sleepless nights in a row OVI Suit 2.2 did it under eight mins. Great app and I’m out of job now but as soon as I get some money on my hand. I am gonna do donations and a noticeable one. God bless…..

208. Importer des contacts depuis un téléphone Nokia vers Android said on 01. February 2015 at 02:07:25

[…] encore utiliser cette autre technique (avec Nokia OVI en version […]

209. Ajish said on 31. March 2015 at 13:31:04

Perfect Software.I already converted all the SMS form NOKIA N85 through this Software to Andriod

210. Jahon said on 05. April 2015 at 18:13:24

Thank you very much! All sms from Nokia N86 trasnfered to Explay Tornado correctly!

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