24. February 2008

si.Mail released

As there will be a long time before next major release and there was a couple of annoying bugs fixed, I’m releasing a bug fix release of stable 1.0 series. For those not playing around with Development builds, update is recommended.

-IMPR: Attachment view skips creating of mailboxes with ? or * in extension part. Please rebuild attachment view for changes to take effect
-IMPR: Improved speed of parsing messages sent via MAPI.
-FIX: Fixed division by zero in images attachment preview plug-in
-FIX: Send at least 1 byte for total mailbox size so in case we are unable to parse server’s response we don’t get division by zero error.
-FIX: Reset countdown for next server message check, if we’ve done it manually.
-FIX: si.Mail not adding attachments to message if they were sent via MAPI.
-FIX: Wrong urlEncode function used, so some characters were not encoded this resulted in si.Mail hanging in rare cases.
-FIX: Fixed exception when sending message and connection to server failed
-FIX: exception division by zero if only one item was in the mailbox and group by was used.

One Response to “si.Mail released”

1. guiluge said on 02. March 2008 at 16:11:17


Awesome program, congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing this with us 🙂

I’ve only one request that would make my day for the next release : the ability in Si.Mail, to display aliases in the messages list (for example, an alias defined in the addressbook).

I can’t find many programs that offer this feature (DreamMail does it)

Thanks again,

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