08. May 2008

si.Mail released

As last two stable versions had problems with startup crash 🙁 and also it is a while since I updated the components and fixed those crashes I believe that this is stable enough so it should be released as a stable release. For those who are not visiting site very often next release will have support for spam plug-ins. Naive Bayesian filtering will be compiled in si.Mail itself. I’m also working on Calendar and Task support for some screens shots and more info you can read this post.

– NEW: Hungarian translation thanks to Széll Zsolt
– IMPR: Build static versions (no external dependencies)of new spellcheck and libssl libraries
– IMPR: Message Subject is now stored in text box so you can copy it into clipboard if needed
– IMPR: made embedded plug-ins unicode aware
– IMPR: upgraded gui components (SpTBX) to their latest version. This also fixed startup exception.
– IMPR: moved some form creation to the step they are actually needed (fAddressBook, fMessageReceivers, fPreview, fFolderProperties)
– FIX: Fixed exception when opening rss item from search mailbox.
– FIX: After creating 1st profile RSS tab is not visible.

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