22. August 2008

si.Mail released – Urgent update!

About two weeks ago I accidentally stepped over a bug which is present in all si.Mail versions from the beginning. Yes I managed to repeat the bug with 0.7 series rewrite :(.  Although bug is not an security issue I urge all to upgrade to version.

Without going into technical details, if you ever got “Message IDs (from index file = xx and from message file = xy) does not match” then you probably encountered the bug I’m talking about. There are only two cases for this to happen: not enough disk space when downloading new messages, (this was my case) and  unexpected application shutdown e.g power failure, BSOD….  If you are getting message above please Pack messages file (Right click to one mailbox and select Pack from the menu), Modified Pack procedure should be smart enough to found and “restore” those messages. Other improvements and fixes in this release are below.

– IMPR: Added ruler so you can easily indent message parts
– IMPR: We should bail out if attachment file doesn’t exist anymore
– FIX: Some parts of forms are not translated
– FIX: Print preview, print setup were not implemented.
– FIX: Copy/cut and paste in same document resulted in corrupted view of message in editor.
– FIX: Canceling address input tries to close Compose window.
– FIX: if message is at the end of file it should always be at the correct offset. (Offset might be wrong if si.Mail or system crashed before all data was written to HDD or if there was not enough free diskspace).

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