02. January 2009

Status update January 2009 – 1.2.x series

For the past two weeks I’ve been working on a 1.2.x series.

Main features of 1.2.x:

  • Advanced auto configuration feature I was talking about in September of 2008. It is mostly working and it takes under two seconds to configure. Adding a little teaser.
    New account creation window
  • To Do list management, which is in planing stages.
  • I also had to implement a breaking change for Profiles folder.  This change will effect only users who have si.Mail installed in Program Files folder. This is a result of more and more users using Vista, and Vista completely forbidding to write anything inside Program Files.  So now if si.Mail is installed inside Program Files, Profiles are located in si.Mail folder inside your Documents folder e.g by Vista defaults C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\si.Mail\. Below is the error message you get.
    si.Mail no longer supports having Profiles in sub folder when run from Program Files. Here is what you can do:
    * You can force old behavior by creating an empty file named ‘profiles.force’ inside ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\si.Mail\’.
    However this means that you will most probably have to run application with Administrative privileges.
    * You can simply move all files and folders from ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\si.Mail\Profiles\’ to ‘C:\Users\Miha Vrhovnik\Documents\si.Mail\’.

2 Responses to “Status update January 2009 – 1.2.x series”

1. Dejtemir said on 03. January 2009 at 13:42:53

For correct installation in Vista you must set administrator rights just like TCUP did it, early versions of TCUP had this same problem and you had to install it under administrator rights “run as administrator” and then you had to edit proprieties of TCUP icon and check the option “run as administrator”. This made application work o.k.
Good luck and happy new year 2009!!!

2. mvrhov said on 03. January 2009 at 14:01:20

True. But I’ve gotten so much bug reports from Vista users most if not all of them are using TCUP. And TCUP by default installs into Program Files, so I simply had to implement that. It seems that TCUP doesn’t elevate privileges when running si.Mail. Nonetheless after you run the 1.2.x series and it finds out that it is in Program Files you get the message which explains what needs to be done.

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